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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Hightlight of Obama Inauguration

Sens. Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd both were removed by emergency medical personnel during President Obama's celebratory inaugural luncheon on Tuesday.

(As a refreasher For you people that voted for Obama: Last summer, the Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor.)

Byrd who is 91 years old, (looks like a penis without a hard on) and in failing health, collapsed during the lunch. News on his condition is still unknown. Roll Call reported that he was the first senator wheeled out of Statuary Hall and was still conscious with a medical team following him as (well a an undertaker).

2 down 55 to go. (For you Obama Supporters I am talking about the 57 Democrat Senators not the 57 States Obama thinks we have in the US.)

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