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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And now for some good news:

Um Caroline (Arm Fat)"Kennedy" Schlossberg um says she is ... you know ... dropping out um of her ...you know ... bid to win ...you know ... the um appointment to ... you know ... the um U.S. Senate seat ... you know ... once held um by her ... you know ... slain um uncle, ... you know ... Bobby Kennedy.

In a ... you know ... statement um released ... you know ... a short um time ago ... you know ... she um says um she um has told ... you know ... New um York Gov. David um Paterson that um she ... you know ... is leaving for ... you know ... personal um reasons.

(I personally believe the reports that she dropped out because she heard Paterson rightly decided not to choose her. You know!)

For you Obama fans: Caroline "Kennedy" Schlossberg announced her bid to fill Billary Clinton's Senate seat and jumped to the top of New York statewide polls in early December. However, her public support waned following a brief upstate New York tour and a few press interviews. (Unlike Senators Clinton or Obama) she was criticized for being reluctant to answer questions, and her lack of knowledge of New York and its issues. She was also mocked nationwide (and on this blog) for her frequent use of "you know" and "um" in interviews.

See: http://mmn1rickusn.blogspot.com/2009/01/obama-is-carolines-speach-coach.html

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