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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Will Doctor Death be Obama's Surgeon General

Kevorkian plans congressional run

Hmmm ... I wonder if Barack Hussein Obama will name him as the Surgeon General.

I mean Doctor Death is more qualified to be the top Doctor in this land than Barack Hussein Obama is to be the top exceutive.


jusme said...

Maybe you can learn something about grammar and spelling today. It's sums, not "somes" it up. For someone who lays claim to superior intelligence you certainly provide a mass of evidence to the contrary.

Patrician Patriot said...

If any one knows what jusme is talking about please stand up. Aint it funny how a post 9 months ago is the only "mass of evidence" you could find.

Let me guess, Doctor Death is your uncle and you liked the way he touched you during those tickle parties you two used to have.

B. Nicholson said...

So? Illiteracy and intelligence can be confused. They are dissimilar. Again and similarly, illiteracy and ignorance often cohabit the same brain, but not always. One is not proof of the other in either case. So why don't we all just get along?

Patrician Patriot said...


You talk like you are running for public office.

Well, that just about sums it up!