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Monday, March 10, 2008

Spitzer, Hillary and Obama ... 3 peas in a pod.

Why am I surprised that Disgraced New York Gov. Spitzer being Under Pressure to Resign for being the latest Dim to be caught up in a sex scandal? It is common place for Dims to cheat on their wives and to steal money. ( NY Gov. Spitzer Snagged by IRS Probe Into Money Laundering)

Typical Dims being Dims.

(Please note in 2007 Sen Obama voted in line with the Democrat party 100% of the time making him the most liberal Senator in office last year. Yet the Dims' dancing monkey claims to be about change. While in the State assembly in Illinios he had a chance to make changes but instead of making waves he simply voted present on almost every heated issue that came to a vote. I think I have pointed out time and again what the Dims are all about. Fool the masses. Promise bennies for the poor. Expand Gov't. And all the time line your own pockets. Obama is no different than Hillary or Spitzer.)

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