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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is Obama too black or too white?

For months we have heard Dims and fools like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson say Barack Obama's real problem isn't that he's too black — it's that he's too white.

So, why did the new Hillary Clinton ad cause an Internet stir Today among nut jobs who claim it deliberately darkens Barack Obama’s skin color?

The buzz began earlier the day, when the liberal Web site DailyKos.com showed side-by-side screen grabs of Barack Obama taken during a debate with Clinton in Cleveland last week. The screen grab used in the ad showed a clearly darker-skinned Obama, prompting some to wonder if it was done to highlight his race.

Whatever the case, one posting on the DailyKos site charged that while darkening footage may be considered standard practice for political ads trying to “cast the target as sinister,” it is “not an acceptable excuse.”

OK Girls and boys, it's History lesson time. After O.J. Simpson was arrested (in 1994 for murder not 2007 for Robbery), multiple publications carried his image. Notably, TIME magazine published an edition featuring an altered mugshot, darkening his skin and reducing the size of the prisoner ID number. This appeared on newsstands right next to an unaltered picture by Newsweek. Outcry from minority rights groups followed. Illustrator Matt Mahurin of TIME was the one to alter the image, saying later that he "wanted to make it more artful, more compelling."
Then as now the one thing the media missed is that their own assertion that dark is more sinister is in and of itself racist.

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