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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Why I will not Vote for Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

OK, to recap, I started this series with explaining why I am not voting for Hillary Clinton. Then I took a comic break and told you why I am not voting for the multitude of lesser known Democrat "Nut-Jobs" out there that have throw their tin foil hats in the ring for the 2008 Presidential Bid. Then I told you why I am not voting for Joe Biden.

I know I promised to explain why I am not for each of the remaining Democrats in Alphabetical order but Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. said something the other night that really made me laugh at him.

Any Democrats out there should be used to being promised one thing and being given something different. Besides, If you're a real Democrat, then you'll forget about being lied to by tomorrow.

Some presidential contenders "have been in Washington too long," said Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. who has been only in the Senate for three years. He said his time as a local community worker in Chicago, law professor and Illinois legislator gave him vital experiences. But in the same speech he claims that experience doesn't make you good a doing you job and frankly touted his inexperience as making him a better candidate. (I don't know about you but I would rather have the Surgeon cutting on me that has done the operation a thousand times then the one that doesn't know the difference between a 10 blade and a bedpan.)

As further proof of his inexperience I have had severe trouble finding much information on his political stances or anything he has really accomplished. By all accounts Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. grew up in a broken home and used alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine during his teenage years. He has been quoted several times as saying he enjoyed using drugs. He said he used alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine during his teenage years, to "push questions of who I was out of my mind." (I would suggest that Democrats who know who he really is and still intend to vote for him have used too much alcohol, marijuana and cocaine have been able to push questions of who is out of their minds.)

His family moved to Indonesian capital city of Jakarta in 1967, where Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. attended local schools from ages 6 to 10. His 4 years aboard as a small child is the bulk of his foreign policy experience. He then returned to Honolulu to live with his maternal grandparents to attend a private, co-educational, non-sectarian college preparatory school located in Honolulu from 5th grade until his graduation in 1979. (Hawaii is Obama's home state not Illionis, which by the way is Hillary Clinton's home state. Confused yet?)

After graduating from Punahou, Obama studied at Occidental College for two years, then transferred to Columbia University, where he majored in political science with a specialization in international relations. He received his B.A. degree in 1983, then worked for one short year at Business International Corporation. (Which is the only business experience he has).

In 1985, he moved to Chicago to take a job as a community organizer. (Ok I admit I only spent 4 fruitless hours on the internet trying to figure out what he organized before going to his website. By the way his webpage is one of those irritating pages that will not let you back out of it without exiting. The back button will not let you off his page.) According to his website, he worked with a church group "seeking to improve living conditions in poor neighborhoods plagued with crime and high unemployment." His website down plays his lack of success before he gave up and went back to law school. (Failure makes you a better Democrat.)

He finished law school in 1991. And Returned to Chicago as a community organizer once again, Obama organized an aggressive voter registration effort that aided in the election of President Bill Clinton and Senator Carol Moseley Braun. 1992 The campaign registered over 100,000 voters. In an "unrelated" story Chicago has always been an Icon of voter fraud. According to a 1995 Chicago Sun Times story, Chicago's list of legal voters is swollen with thousands of people who have died, moved or registered more than once. A Chicago Sun-Times analysis of voter rolls in Chicago's 50 wards found 47,000 duplicate voters, which city election officials concede is probably the most ever for a city election.

His talents for "voter registration" earned him a position at a local civil rights law firm, and he became a lecturer of constitutional law at the University of Chicago. (Kick back?)

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996 from the state's 13th District in the south-side Chicago neighborhood of Hyde Park. In 2000, he made an unsuccessful Democratic primary run for the U.S. House of Representatives. He was reelected to the Illinois Senate in 1998 and 2002, officially resigning in November 2004 following his election to the U.S. Senate. However, he accomplished very little as a state legislator. Obama seemed to have survived on style rather than substance.

As a State Senator Barack Obama can best be described as just another state legislator bringing home the bacon. The Sun-Times' Mark Brown noted this six years ago in a column on the largess of lawmakers and then-Gov. George Ryan's pork-barrel Illinois First program where Springfield handed out money hand over fist to legislators to give to constituents' pet projects. As Hyde Park's state senator, Obama, got $100,000 for an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. The topic: The Concept of Time. (A another example of a Democrat wasting taxpayer's money.)

It can be easily argued that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. only won his U.S. Senate because his competitors had major scandals during the Election. Blair Hull's popularity declined following allegations of domestic abuse during the primary and Obama won the Democrat nomination. His opponent in the general election was expected to be Republican primary winner Jack Ryan. However, Ryan withdrew from the race in June 2004, following public disclosure of child custody divorce records containing sexual allegations by Ryan's ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan. In August 2004, with less than three months to go before election day, Alan Keyes accepted the Illinois Republican Party's nomination to replace Ryan.

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.'s short stint as a U.S. Senator has mostly been unremarkable. He votes mostly along party lines and has rarely shown any true convictions. He truly has not been in the senate long enough to gain any experience or a voting record. So, I have had a almost as difficult of a time as he has with correlating what he says if stands for and what he actually votes for. After comparing notes with over a dozen of his "grass roots" support groups' and his official webpage I have decided that even his supports do not know this man from Adam.

As near as I can figure these are his actual stances on the issues:

Foreign Policy:

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.'s first major speech on foreign policy was delivered on April 23, 2007. It truly defied common sense and showed that not only was the four years he spent in Indonesia as a pre-teen the extent of his foreign policy but that his knowledge of the world has not matured since he was 10 years old and moved back to the states. He called for "Marshalling a global effort" and agreeing to hold talks without restriction to rouge nations. (The U.N. has never succeeded in this style of diplomacy but the Democrats insist on turning the U.S. into the U.N.) In an address on national security to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars on August 1, 2007, Obama stated that as President he would consider military action in Pakistan in order to attack al-Qaeda, even if the Pakistani government did not give approval. (I am figuring he wants to be president of Bizarro-land where we sit down to talk with out enemies and bomb our allies.) Tariq Ali, an acclaimed British-Pakistani historian, criticized Obama for his comments regarding attacking terrorists inside Pakistan and stated "Were the United States to start bombing raids inside Pakistan, there would be a massive increase of support for the jihadi fundamentalist groups in that country, and it would weaken not just secular political groups, it would weaken even the moderate religious parties who are not associated with that." (But Obama, Jr. knows better because he lived aboard for 4 years.)His take on the Arab-Israeli conflict is so convoluted that I can't make heads or tells of it.During a fall 2002 anti-war rally at Chicago's Federal Plaza, while still an Illinois State Senator, and in a speech alongside Jesse Jackson, Obama rumbled on almost as incoherently as this sentence is long. As near as I can figure from his anti-war / anti-Bush speech he wants the troops out even if the job is not done and he wants to sit down with Syria and Iran to figure out what is best for Iraq. (Why is it that Democrats seem to think that the fox is the best guard for the hen house?)


Obama supports a guest worker program. Obama has said that he "will not support any bill that does not provide [an] earned path to citizenship for the undocumented population." Obama doesn't believe that twelve million illegal immigrants can be sent back. He said "It's not going to happen. We're not going to go round them up ... We should give them a pathway to citizenship." (SO, if Obama was a Street cop and he pulled over a stolen car he would let the driver legally keep the car because it would be too difficult to enforce the law?)

Abortion and contraception:

While serving in the Illinois Senate, Obama had a 100 percent rating from the Illinois Planned Parenthood Council due to his consistent voting in favor of abortion rights, family planning services, and having female contraceptives covered by health insurance. Since his election to the United States Senate Obama has maintained a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood (as of 2007) and NARAL (as of 2005). While serving in the Illinois State Senate, Obama opposed legislation that required "medical care for aborted fetuses" because the legislation's wording defined the fetus as a child -- a measure he said would "essentially bar abortions."

Embryonic Stem Cell Research:

Obama supports embryonic stem cell research and was a co-sponsor of the 2005 Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. Obama condemned Bush's veto, saying "Democrats want this bill to pass." He also voted in favor of the 2007 bill for embryonic stem cell research that was passed but was also vetoed by President Bush. (Just because Embryonic Stem cell research give Demorats something to do with there aborted babies doesn't make it a good Idea. To date, no approved medical treatments have been derived from embryonic stem cell research despite the billions of tax dollars wasted on recycling aborted babies. However, Adult stem cells and cord blood stems cells have thus far been the only stem cells used to successfully treat any diseases.)

Gay Rights:

Obama voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment which would have defined marriage as between one man and one woman. He supports civil unions that would carry equal legal standing to that of marriage for same-sex couples. Obama stated on 15 March 2007, that "I do not agree...that homosexuality is immoral." During the 23 July 2007 CNN/Youtube debate, Obama stated that "... we've got to make sure that everybody is equal under the law. And the civil unions that I proposed would be equivalent in terms of making sure that all the rights that are conferred by the state are equal for same-sex couples as well as for heterosexual couples." (The world would have been a better place if Obama's birth parents had been two gay men.)

Gun Control: As a state legislator in Illinois, Obama supported banning the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic firearms, increasing state restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms. He sponsored a bill in 2000 limiting handgun purchases. He also voted against a 2004 measure allowing a self-defense exception for people charged with violating local weapons bans by using a gun in their home. Obama was also a board member of the Joyce Foundation which funds and maintains several gun control organizations in the United States. He supported several gun control measures, including restricting the purchase of firearms at gun shows and the reauthorization of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. While in the US Senate, Obama has voted against legislation protecting firearm manufacturers from liability. ("Hi, I'm from the Democrat Party and I am here for your guns.")

Death Penalty:

Obama believes the death penalty is used too frequently. Speaking as a state senator he spoke out against adding to the list of factors that render a defendant eligible for the death penalty.Religion: Who really knows? He is either a Muslims like his father and step-father, an Atheist like his mother, or a member of the Church of Christ like his wife.

Energy and the Environment:

He believes the party line that global warming actually exists and that it is man made and vows to fix it but has no real plan to. And has no real plan to do anything substantive about the energy crisis.

Things the media forget to tell ya:

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is not the clean cut guy the media wants you to think he is. In fact, he is no stranger to scandal.

The indictment of political inside man and fundraiser Rezko on federal charges should have created problems for Barack Hussein Obama, Jr's presidential campaign. But the mainstream media largely has ignored, Obama's shady real estate relationship with Antoin "Tony" Rezko. It is a gamy story of a presidential hopeful displaying a remarkable lack of judgment by getting involved with a radioactive political fixer who got himself indicted. In November, 2006, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr drew media scrutiny because he had purchased his house in 2005, on the same day that Antoin Rezko purchased an adjoining empty lot. Obama subsequently bought from Rezko an adjoining strip of land from the empty lot. Obama freely, acknowledges that the exchange in which he benefited largely may have created the "appearance of impropriety", and stated "I consider this a mistake on my part and I regret it." In June, 2007 the Chicago Sun-Times published a story about letters Obama had written to city and state officials in support of a low-income senior citizen development project headed by Rezko and partner Allison Davis. The project received more than $14 million in taxpayer funds, including $885,000 in development fees for Rezko and Davis. Before the Sun-Times discovered Obama's letters in support of Rezko, Sen. Obama had told the Tribune, "I've never done any favors for him." Also in June 2007, The Chicago Sun-Times discovered that Obama had collected at least $168,308 from Rezko over Obama's 12 years in politics, approximately triple the estimate that Obama had provided of Rezko's donations. Obama had told the Sun-Times that Rezko raised "between $50,000 and $60,000" during Obama's political career.

His wife Michelle is no stranger to scandal either.

While she was the Vice President of External Affairs for University of Chicago Hospitals, it agreed to pay $35,000 to resolve its liability for CMPs under the patient dumping statute. The OIG alleged that the hospital failed to accept an appropriate transfer of a 61-year-old male who presented to another emergency department with a complaint of flank pain. UCH had specialized capabilities not available at the transferring hospital and allegedly refused to accept transfer after learning that the patient did not have insurance. UCH then later agreed to accept transfer of the patient only if he provided proof of funds in a bank account. The patient was transferred to another hospital where he died. However, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr did nothing while a proposal for universal coverage was killed by the Democratic legislature in his home state of Illinois. I would assume it was to ensure his wife would continue to receive the $133,483 a year the Hospital was paying her. My review of University of Chicago Hospitals 990 Federal Tax Form for 2005 showed that this "not-for-profit" hospital reported making a profit of $103,642,743 in 2005. It spent $3,784,680 on marketing (advertising) attempting to increase market share and spent $5,280,545 on collection agency fees. And after only 9 months of fiscal year 2007, the hospital has already reported making $105,746,000 in profits. (Several websites and news story point out that uninsured patients can expect to have there bills padded by upwards to 300% to 540%.

I have already talked about Obama's drug use his pork barrel projects so I guess I will end with questioning his patriotism.

He explained his refusal to wear a US flag pin on his lapel by saying "I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest. Instead, I'm going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great, and hopefully that will be a testament to my patriotism." Deeds speak louder than words, I can buy that. But what deeds has he done to show his patriotism? Well, on 9/16/07 at an event in Indianola, Iowa, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. REFUSED TO NOT ONLY PUT HIS HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, BUT REFUSED TO SAY THE PLEDGE. An ABC News video also, shows that Senator Obama did not salute the at any time during the anthem and that everybody else on the platform did. A Time magazine picture shows him standing with his hands crossed above his penis while everyone else has their hand over their hearts. (Is that the new liberal salute?) A spokesperson for the Senator told Fox News that it was ridiculous to suggest that Obama was making any kind of a statement and that sometimes "he does and sometimes he doesn't place his hand over his heart during the national anthem."

....how in the hell can a man like this expect to be our next Commander-in-Chief?

My Take?

I'm sorry I don't think I could drink enough alcohol, smoke enough marijuana and snort enough cocaine between now and election day "to push questions of who Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. really is far enough out of my mind," to ever even think about voting for him.


Mike said...

So you were just bitching about democrats supposedly spending money on useless things. How much money do you think we would be spending to get all of the illegal immigrants out of the country? Oh, and for fucks sake, a patrolmen and a car? Nice fucking analogy numb nuts. Big difference between a car and millions of fucking people. Here's another question for you. Would you rather have those millions of people sitting around, leaching off of the countries welfare or have them making something of their lives and contributing to the economy? You know, actually having a reason to be alive, because we sure as hell aren't going to round them all up and get them out of the country. Oh, and as far as drinking, smoking and snorting enough goes. I think you've had more than you can handle because that's the only way someone would EVER be that fucking naive.

Educated Redneck said...

Above is the typicial Obama supporter post ... full of profanity, defeatism and no new ideas. However, this is the only one that didn't contain a poorly worded death treat or was written with the caps lock key held down. So, I decided to let it be published .

Lets try to respond. Yes, there is a big difference in a car and a 12 million crimials being allowed to roam the streets without being arrested for breaking the law. My point is arrest them and ship the back home so they can become a vitial part of their own country's economy instead of leaching off the welfare system here in the USA.

And you are right, if the democrats want to stay in power, then no we will not deport the illeagals infact, will will give them the right to vote and keep them on the welfare rolls so they will vote democrat.

Please, note I didn't have to resort to personal attacks to make my point. But if I did it would be to say, "Hey, Mike why don't you put down the roach clip, crack pipe, beer bong and the 'I love Obama' sign and pick up a history book, a grammer study guide, an ecomomics book and dictionary. Maybe, then you could write a post that doesn't make you look like a moron.

Sue said...

I wonder how many Senior Citizens are aware that Obama was appointed to his position in the House in Illinois by Emil Jones. Emil Jones is an enemy to Senior Citizens in the State of Illinois. When AmerenCips raised our electric bills to a point where Senior Citizens were choosing between medication, food and electric, Emil Jones blocked any Congressional intervention to prevent this raise. Now again, Ameren is going to raise our rates. This is a form of genocide acted on Senior Citizens in this State. What do you think will happen if Obama becomes president and appoints Emil Jones to a influential position in the White House. Our Senior Citizens need to be aware that their lives may be in danger if this happens.
Sue Baldwin, Senior Citizen in Godfrey, IL.

Well, that just about sums it up!