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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oprah Makes Yet Another Mistake

Oprah is arguably the most powerful black woman in America. Many mind numbed housewives follow her blindly. She however is not perfect. Her latest in a long list of errors is trying to cram Obama down America's windpipe. After watching her on stage with the scariest man in America I feel that Gracie, (her golden retriever that died after choking on a plastic ball) would have a better chance of swallowing the crap she was spewing.

Here is a short list of other poorly chosen Oprah endorsement:

Endorsed white supremacist Forrest Carter's children's book 'The Education Of Little Tree' (Carter, is a member of the Ku Klux Klan and was speechwriter for former Alabama governor George Wallace who wrote Wallace's infamous vow: "Segregation today! Segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever!")

Endorsed and paid for a South African all-girl academy where it became common place for staff to assault students. Several of the dorm workers were charged with indecent assault and / or soliciting under-age girls to perform indecent acts.

Endorsed then defended author James Frey for his book "A Million Little Pieces." (She later said she made a mistake and that Frey "betrayed millions of readers" by making up elements of his life in his best-selling memoir.)

Anyone that takes stock in an Oprah endorsement is an absolute moron for two reasons: 1) Oprah persists in pushing gurus like her trainer (who cannot train her) Bob Greene, fat defendant Phil McGraw and fabricators of a Yale endorsement like Jorge Cruise and David Katz (my opinion and apparently Yale’s, too), when none of their programs have worked for her. 2) Oprah has problems vetting her guests, e.g., James Frey.

Oprah and Obama think woman in this great country are not smart enough to know the differences in experience and leadership of a presidential candidate. They will vote for him because Oprah says so... WAKE UP Oprah...your not that powerful, just wealthy....

Where was Oprah in 2004, 2000? 1996? 1992? Why did she not speak out and support ANY candidate? Why? Because "There were no black candidates" Shame on you Oprah! You racist money grubbing Cow!

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