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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Other (Less Known) Democrats I won't vote for

I have already declared that I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. But here is a short list of other Democrat Presidential Hopefuls that I will not vote for but if I had to choose between Hillary or them I would. And Yes these people are actually running as Democrats for President in 2008.

Albert "Big Al" Hamburg (Wyoming)

Perennial candidate Al Hamburg, 76, has to date lost 17 consecutive bids for President and for Governor, US Senate and Congress. He proudly described himself in 2004 as the "Very Independent UNPOPULAR Candidate" -- unpopular, he explains, because the special interests and bureaucrats hate him (well, that ... and maybe also because of the Nazi helmet he wore in his 2004 campaign photo). "I make more people mad than I make want to vote for me," he added. A house painter by trade, Hamburg spent nearly twenty years in the Army -- serving in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. He has run for state office repeatedly -- at various times -- as a Democrat, an Independent, and as a member of the now-defunct New Alliance Party. Hamburg also made news in the 1980s when he sued a woman for breach of contract involving a car he sold to her. In the lawsuit, he said the woman agreed to have sex with him fifty times in exchange for the car -- but that she stopped performing her end of the deal after 33 times. Claiming to be a homeless veteran, Hamburg suddenly popped-up in Nebraska in 2000 -- declaring the state as his new residency -- and filed as a candidate there for US Senator in the Democratic primary. Hamburg then quickly moved back to Wyoming and has run for office again there several times since then. (Nut job with whacked out political beliefs and sex scandal / lawsuit under his belt … sounds like a Democrat to me. I will be voting elsewhere)

Roland Aranjo (California)

Self-published author Roland Aranjo is concerned with the state of democracy in the US. He even wrote a book on the topic -- Democracy, Declaring Our Power: How the Law of Attraction Applies to Society and Democracy -- which Aranjo says "traces the 2,500 year history of democracy from the city state of Athens Greece to the shores of America and throughout the world." Here is how it translates into a campaign platform: "American democracy has been corrupted by powerful special interests. Through applying the law of attraction, citizens have the power to revive democracy ... In our democracy revival campaign we will create an online Citizen's E-Legislature, where all citizens will be able to vote on the important issues impacting our nation." (Can you say "West Palm Beach"? The average Democrat has trouble with ATM machines and this nut-job wants to govern via the internet? … Sorry can't vote for him my wireless modem just crashed.)

Willie F. Carter (Texas)

Willie Carter -- who previously ran for President five times -- is an Air Force veteran, former aircraft mechanic, union member, businessman, and Pentecostal church deacon. He's also a father of nine children. His political experience seems limited to his one-time membership in the Gardena Valley Democratic Club of Southern California. In 2000, Carter captured 30 votes (17th place) in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. In 2004, Carter again appeared on the New Hampshire primary ballot (11th place - 86 votes). Carter's message is a blended theocratic/political one. "We must not forget the sacrifices made by our founders, and their belief in God our Creator, contained in many of their writings. I too share their belief, and that God governs in the affairs of men. Preserving freedom demand's diligence, patriotism, and according to our Founding fathers, a firm reliance upon Divine Protection. If I am elected President, I will take the God-fearing approach, addressing the needs of all the people of our nation, the homeless, jobless, the elderly, the business community, moving forward to reduce our national debt, and dependency on foreign resources, fair international trade, maintaining a strong military, strong foreign diplomacy, and stopping the cycle of violence across our nation," explains Carter. His typical campaign style is to drive around the nation by van, meeting with voters in churches and other places. (He talks a good game but has no plan to accomplish any of the things he talks about. I can't see myself wasting my vote on him.)

Randolph W. "Randy" Crow (North Carolina)

Randy Crow -- a small businessman and former realtor -- was an unsuccessful candidate for the Wilmington City Council in 1997. Then he ran for Congress in the 1998 primary (losing by a vote of 94% to 6%) ... then he ran for President in the 2000 primaries (he got on the ballot in New Hampshire and Louisiana) ... then he ran another losing primary for Congress later in 2000 (losing by a 93% to 7% vote) .. then he lost for Council again ... then he finished last place (9th - 1%) in the 2002 US Senate primary ... and then he ran for President again in 2004. Crow was on the 2004 primary ballot in New Hampshire (15th place - 60 votes) and Texas (10th place - 0.8% - 6,319 votes). He withdrew from the Presidential race in March 2004 -- ran another race for County Commissioner -- then announced he will run for President again in 2008. Crow explained his motives: "I am involved in politics to get rid of filthy communists and lots of others." He also believes the FBI blew up TWA Flight 800 with a laser and was likely involved in crashing Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan's 2000 campaign plane. On his website, Crow repeatedly expresses open hatred towards Jews (Example: "Vietnam was a zioni$t manipulated War designed to kill our Christian kids and install na$i communi$t zioni$m in the Vietnam region"). Most of the contents of Crow's site, however, appear to be rambling conspiracy tirades against various envisioned enemies: "It has been 13 years since the FBI fessed up to the fact they were investigating me. All my files are classified ... In 1994 the Federal Force manipulated a bunch of mess which questioned my sanity ... I think the Force had some weird blood work done on me or possibly put a computer chip in me." Crow has a "hunch ... [I] may be The Returning Christ ... I do believe firmly that in a way whether or not I am The Returning Christ is a non event and do not worry about it at all, except I do pray that if I am The Returning Christ I would like to be the coolest, greatest, most fantastic Returning Christ in the history of the Universes." By 2005, he pretty much answered his own question by releasing an Easter Message from the Returning Christ. (Yep, you can read that and lots, LOTS more whack-out nuti-job Democrat tirades on his official website. But, no I am not going to vote for him.)

Warren R. Ashe (Virginia)

Warren Ashe, who previously was a candidate for President in 2000 and 2004 (but failed to compete in any primaries), filed FEC paperwork to make a third run in 2008. From the information he filed with Project Vote Smart in 2004, Mr. Ashe is one of the more eccentric candidates in the race. Ashe claimed he holds a doctorate degree from North Carolina State University. Then again, As he also claims to have been "President, United Nations, 1973-2003 ... Appointed President, United States White House, 1981-2003 ... Candidate, United States President, 2000 ... Vice President, West Wing - Carter Administration, 1977-1981 ... [and] Vice President, West Wing - Ford Administration, 1973-1977." He also claims to be a Navy veteran, an Army veteran AND an Air Force veteran. And he writes he owns a $40 million corporation, too. Here's a choice quote: "I am involved with time travel communications that are real. And capable of time travel contact throughout history itself. I also build flying saucers that are capable of going to another solar system at high warp speed. The time travel transmissions have communicated at least and no less than 500 years into the future. I have used my saucers built by hand at Edgecombe Community College in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. That has already since 1983 taken sperm and DNA into the future. Into the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th centuries. The methods I used are through flux capacitation and wormhole technology." ("flux capacitation and wormhole technology" this Democrat Nut-job has my vote …NOT!!!)

Christina Gerasimos Billings-Elias (California)

This candidate bills herself as "Princess Christina Gerasimos Billings-Elias" because she claims her great uncle is a "descendant of Queen Victoria." As to being a Princess, it appears to be a title she bestowed upon herself. To give you an idea of just how self-aggrandizing and bizarre this candidate is, here's an excerpt from her campaign site: "Christina born to be President of 'Our America.' ©,,. 'The Chosen One," ©,, as proclaimed by Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, friends of Theodore and Evelyn Gerasimos, first Greek in Detroit 1890. People's King of the Greeks emanating from Spartan Royalty Warriors." (I really don't get her weird official campaign picture where she appears to be wearing fangs and her face and eyes are whitened to make her look like some kind of vampire. Not voting for this Democrat Nut Job either.)

Michael K. Forrester (Colorado)

Except for the facts that Michael Forrester has filed FEC paperwork to run for President in 2008 and has launched a campaign website, I cannot tell you much about this candidate. His website is filled with lots of poorly photo-shopped photos of the himself but the bio section is without any real info. In fact, both the "history" and "future plans" sections say "coming soon, check back for updates". His platform is also rather sparse: repeal the "No Child Left Behind" law, raise the minimum wage, and guarantee health care for all Americans. (Not voting for him because he has no experience, no political background or record and no real plan.)

Wrendo J.P. Godwin (Virginia)

Except for the fact that Wrendo "JP" Godwin filed paperwork with the FEC to run for President, no other info is known about this 2008 Democratic hopeful. (His website is merely a placeholder. I don't know him from Adam. So, that is no way I could vote for him.)Alfonzo Jones (California)Except for the fact that Alfonzo Jones filed paperwork with the FEC to run for President -- just as he did in 1996, 2000 and 2004 -- no other info was known about this 2008 Democratic hopeful. (Well, I don't know the guy from Adam either so I am not voting for this one either.)

Laura Davis-Aaron (Tennesse)

Except for the fact that contractor Laura Davis-Aaron filed paperwork with the FEC to run for President, little else is known about this 2008 Democratic hopeful. She lost a 2005 special election primary for an open State Senate seat (9th place - 1%), then filed for an open Congressional seat in 2006 but quit well before the primary. (Yes she is the 3rd woman running for president as a Democrat and is completely unknown. So, I can't see myself voting for her either.)

Robert E. "Bob" Boyer (Illinois)

Except for the fact that Bob Boyer lost a 2002 primary run for Jackson County Sheriff, lost a 2004 primary run for Jackson County Clerk of the Circuit Court (3rd place - 4%) and filed paperwork with the FEC to run for President, no other info is known about this 2008 Democratic hopeful. He has no website yet. He is the 4th complete unknown that is running and there is no way I would vote for him or the other 3 unless my only other choice was Hillary Clinton.)

John Joseph Kennedy (Georgia)

John Joseph Kennedy was a registered write-in candidate for President in 2004 in Georgia, Indiana and Texas. On his campaign website, he describes himself as "an outstanding community leader, humanitarian, champion of children's rights, environmentalist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and a man of extraordinary vision." Kennedy is a freelance writer, marketing executive and former model. He explains his motives for running on his campaign site: "I have now been called to serve God and my country as the TRUE DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE for the Presidency, to right the wrongs of America!" Kennedy sees the 9/11 attacks as an "inside job" directed by the Bush Administration as a pretext for launching the war on terrorism ("It's an inside job! At the highest level on down, I will see that those who are really responsible for the insidious acts of terrorism in our country, and around the world, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of all domestic and international laws."). In 2004, Kennedy went so far as to blame Bush policies for hurricanes and other natural disasters. "I will stop the Bush family's manipulation of the elements of nature (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes) which have wrecked insurmountable havoc on our environment and disturbed the natural-flow of all life on this planet. They (especially Bush Sr.) have done this for personal, political and financial gain and greed," explained Kennedy. (His last name is Kennedy so it leads me to believe that it may be the alcohol taking every time this Democrat nut job opens his mouth.)

Karl E. Krueger (South Dakota)

Long haul truckdriver and Vietnam War veteran Karl Krueger is running for President on a platform of promoting energy independence for the US. "I intend to put this nation on a course to be energy independent within 10 years of my election. After all, John Kennedy took us to the moon and back in 10 years with technology that didn't exist when he began, it should not be too difficult for us to become energy independent in the same amount of time using technology that we already have," he explained. Krueger was previously a Democratic nominee for Congress in Wisconsin against a GOP incumbent in 1988. (Not voting for him because he has no experience, no political background and has no real plan for his sole issue.)

Dal A. "Tweezerman" LaMagna (Washington)

Wealthy businessman Dal LaMagna acquired his "Tweezerman" nickname because it was also the name of the tweezer-manufacturing company he founded and ran from 1980-2004. LaMagna sold his Tweezerman company to a European corporation for millions of dollars in 2004 -- but notes all of his "employees kept their jobs and shared $10 million dollars in capital gains because each one was a shareholder in the company" when he sold it. LaMagna was also a Democratic/Green fusion candidate for Congress in New York in 1996 and 2000, before moving to Washington State in 2005. Well educated, LaMagna earned both his MBA (1971) and his Master's degree in Public Administration (2002) from Harvard. On the issues, LaMagna is a progressive activist concentrating his campaign on the issue of developing "a sensible plan for withdrawal from Iraq." On a related note, LaMagna was an executive producer of three feature -length Iraq War documentaries: The Ground Truth, The War Tapes, and Iraq For Sale. (Not voting for him because he has no experience, no political back bone and no real plan.)

R. Frank Lynch (Florida)

With amusingly grandiose narcissism, Lynch touts himself as "The New Ideological Leader of the Democratic Party: Presidential Candidate, Futurist, Educator, Philanthropist, Author, and Publisher." In fact, let's let Lynch describe himself some more: Lynch is "a lifelong Republican who converted to become the new ideological leader of the Democratic Party and the most exciting and important Democratic Candidate for President, leading a grassroots revolution for energy independence, free healthcare, free daycare, free college, healing the planet, anti-globalization and abolishing the income tax!" And -- just in case you haven't yet gotten the idea that this guy loves himself -- Frank wants to tell you about his other really, realy important projects: Frank Lynch University,, ("Frank Lynch, Chancellor and President" ... currently in the "developmental stage"), the Frank Lynch Foundation,, ("for Abused Children and Abused Women & America's Forgotten Poor"), Franks Heroes,, ("Where people peacefully but firmly re-take control of the nation"), Franks kids,, ("Frank Lynch proposes to construct a nationwide system of Frank's Children's Villages"), and Hot4Frank.com ("Submit links to your own Videos, Songs and Pics about Frank Lynch"). Keep in mind that "Frank Lynch University ,,, FLUNI ,, and Frankskids,, are Trademarks of Frank Lynch University,, Inc. Franksheros,,. Franksheroes,, and Frank Lynch USA,, are Trademarks of Frank Lynch USA,, LLC." Perhaps, if he wins, he'll rename the United States into "Frank Lynch USA,,". Lynch has already qualified for some primary ballots, and vows that he will appear on "every" Presidential primary ballot in the nation. (Amusingly grandiose narcissist … Do I need to say more?)

Lee L. Mercer Jr. (Texas)

Lee Mercer Jr. is a two-time veteran with an "unusual" story to tell. He first served in Navy during the Vietnam War, leaving the service in 1972. After working as a dental assistant, he earned his BS degree in business at Texas Southern University and then became a mortgage broker. Then he rejoined the military, entering the Texas National Guard in 1989 and served in the first Gulf War (which he calls "the Saudi Arabia War"). Then his story became bizarre. He states: "On August 22, 1992, The State of Texas installed an intelligence hotwire in me at the United States Army Military Intelligence Academy ... The continuation of my biography background experience, graduate education and political experience is being held because of a Lack of authorities debriefing funds and interest for their liability to me. I am in a stalled police debriefing with the Houston Police Department waiting for me to sue to complete my debriefing for my background biography with them in the United States Army Military Intelligence Academy ... I have a doctor degree Phd. as a doctor of laws, medicine, theology, management, engineering and other subjects that are guaranteed by the United States Army in ROTC to be presented to me in a court of Law only. I will receive my doctor degrees in a court of law only ... The United States Federal Congress has encouraged me to want to become President of the United States so that I can do what the President of the United States of America is supposed to do and complete the federal and military government biography and autobiography." Mercer's reasons for running are just as colorful. They include: "To prove The Klu Klux Klan and the Communist Party are gangsters and organize crime in Business and Commerce through Eye Spy Community-Military Intelligence ... To prove that every person in the United States and world is hooked up on an Eye Spy Community-Military Intelligence (All Three) Electronic surveillance hot-wires approved by the United States Congress for the U.S. Government Electronic Surveillance of every citizen in America ... To Prove I will be the 2nd Negro President of the United States of America in 2008 ... To Prove President George Walker Bush, Jr. and other Public Officials have been Impeached by the United States Congress in 2004 for torture of me and my family, capital murder in my family, Espionage and other crimes against the state and humanity ... To Prove the government owes me Zillions of Dollars in money and is refraining to pay me and my business ... To Prove Jeb Bush is all in my house with disease ... To Prove My only Guardian Former Governor of Texas Ann Richards has just joined me MERCER FOR PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN ... [To Prove] I have solved every crime in America and the world for the last 15 years dating back to before Christ." (There's lots more reasons I am not voting for this Democrat. But these excerpts should give you an idea.)

Sal Mohamed (Iowa / Egypt)

Chemical engineer Sal Mohamed lost Democratic primary contests in Iowa for Congress in 2004 and Governor in 2006 -- but he does start the race with some minimal name identification in that early contest state. Mohamed's primary campaign tactic in his past Iowa runs could be described as low tech/low cost: walking around wearing "sandwich board" signs and waving signs at busy intersections. He launched his Presidential campaign just one month after losing the '06 gubernatorial primary. Mohamed's campaign theme is "Human Decency will Prevail," which is backed by his call for having millions of US consultants held promote economic development of poor nations, place US national interests ahead of personal interests, narrowing the gap in the US between rich and poor, developing an exit strategy for Iraq, and "taking politics out of our lives and putting science in." Unfortunately for Mohamed, he was born in Egypt and became a naturalized US citizen in 1983 -- meaning he is constitutionally barred from being President. (Although the constitution is one thing liberals rarely let stand in there way, I am not voting for this train wreck.)

Oloveuse O. "Ole" Savior (Minnesota)

Ole Savior, an eccentric artist and poet, has been a frequent candidate in Minnesota over the years for many federal, state and local offices. He usually finishes around the back the of the pack with 1% -- but he keeps running year after year. His top three concerns were a "nuclear-free world, [ending] world hunger, and better education for all mankind." His favorite movie is The Terminator, his favorite TV show is X-Files and his favorite book is the Bible's Book of Revelations. If elected, he promises to "create a new and more peaceful world for the next generation of children." He previously filed FEC paperwork for the 2004 race, but failed to qualify for any Presidential primary ballots. He filed paperwork in 2006 to make a second White House run. (Not voting for him because he is a nut job with pie in the sky ideas and no plan on how to achieve them.)

Jeffrey C. "Jeff" Thomas (Wisconsin)

Orthopedic surgeon Jeff Thomas served several terms in elective office many years ago before being relegated to "perennial candidate" status with a series of failed Congressional runs. He served 12 years on the Janesville School Board (including three years as President) and four years on the Janesville City Council. Thomas then proceeded to lose runs for Congress in 1993, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006. Now he's filed with the FEC to run for President in 2008. Thomas vows to improve health care by doing "everything possible to lead the government in it's quest for providing everyone with health insurance and to challenge the wealthy insurance companies to provide people with greater benefits at less cost." He also supports "decent jobs" -- but doesn't define what he means by it. (Not voting for him because he has no experience, no plan and no brains.)


Dal said...

What do you mean I have no experience, no political backbone, and no plan? I spent almost a year going back and forth to Amman and also into Iraq trying to negotiate a ceasefire between the Iraqi Insurgents and the Coalition Forces as a first step to end the violence in Iraq. I know exactly what I would do were I president about Iraq and then I would build a 21st Century Executive Branch that was populated by competent people of all political bents rather than the policial hacks and ideologues we have today. Go to my website at www.dallamagna.org and read about more.
Though I'm still a candidate and on the ballot in NH, I stopped running because I had no access to reach people there. When in NH at the Lancaster County Fair for instance the police chief told my girlfriend to take down the sign she was holding for me - which she was happy to do but I wasn't happy to have to. At another fair I wasn't allowed to distribute literature. Schools, churches, and rotary clubs wouldn't let me come by to talk about Iraq because I was a political candidate. This is all in the state that wants to be the first Primary in the country.
Despite being active in the Democratic Party for 10 years -I ran for Congress twice, was a chair of Senator Cantwells 2006 re-election campaing, etc. My staff could not get the DNC to even tell us what we needed to do to qualify for the debates.
Experience? I am 61 one years old and build a multinational company that practices responsible capitalism. I know how to make globalization work for everyone. I know how to empower people to be better than they know they are. I have the experience to rebuild America - literally - our school, bridges, internet, airports, roads. You think we were a third world country as you took an hour and a half to get from JFK Airport into downtown Manhattan. Fly into Bejing and you get to the downtown in 7 minutes on a levitated train that goes 240 miles per hour.
I have two Harvard Degrees a masters in Business 1970 and and a masters in Public Policy 2002. Re-consider me if you aren't voting for Hillary - America is not England we should not have dynasty after dynasty running our country. The Clinton's had their chance. Pick someone else.

Educated Redneck said...

Wow, Dal, your response has really changed my opinion of you. I now think you are an idiot, who has no experience, no politicial back bone and no plan.

After reading you comment I have a vision of you sitting in your basement headquarters in your underwear, wearing a tin-foil hat and cruising the internet to see if you name made the web anywhere.

Because I find perverse joy in flying the wings off flies I will debate you point by point.

Your year of back and forth trips to Amman and Iraq to negotiate cease fires was just as successful as your attempt to let you own choosen party allow you on the debate stage. Wasted time, effort and money.

I'm glad you know what you would do IF elected president. No one else does. And sense I quit believing in fairy God mothers when I was five years old I am sure that you will never hold a politicial office.

I think you made a wise choice in dropping out of your run. You are a kook and a political canididate in name only. You made my point that you have no political back bone when you you let a local sheriff make you put away your "vote for me" signs.

The fact that you couldn't even get the info on how to qualify to be in the debate with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs pretty much clues me in that you are not capable of running a political office.

You ran for congress twice. Wow, that makes you almost as good as Al Humberg when it comes to politics.

I am guessing by your mis-spelling of campaign (campaing) that you had a spell checker while you chaired Senator Cantwells' 2006 campaign. Btw during the 2006 campaign, Cantwell received heavy criticism for declining most of the invitations she received to debate her her opponent Republican Mike McGavick in public forums. (Proving you should keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot instead of opening it and relieving all doubt. Maybe there is a life lesson in that for you.)

I worked construction for a couple of summers during high school. I have more experience building things than you do.

Globalization? Camparing the USA to China? You are a dumass. Lead painted toys, recalled dog food, toxic fish and meat products ... does any of this sound familar? Yes in there capital city they have spent a few bucks to impress idiots like you. But I ganrantee you the common man there would rather live here.

I have two degrees as well. But more than two pieces of suitible for framing paper I have brains, common sense and knowledge of history.

BTW England is a Parliamentary Monarchy. The chief executive of England is the prime minister. He is the leader in the majority party in the Parliament. He presides over the cabinet and selects its members. With the cabinet, in the monarch’s name, the prime minister exercises all of the theoretical powers of the Crown. The prime minister must be an elected members of the House of Commons. England is not a Dynasty ran by the queen.

Don't waste your time responding. I don't think you are not even on the ballot here in California.

You campaign has been even a bigger waste of time and effort as my response to your post.

Well, that just about sums it up!