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Friday, December 7, 2007

Lefty Liberal Mouth Piece to be Jailed for Child Porn

Lefty liberal talk show host Bernie Ward (frequently called the "lion of the left" for his staunchly liberal views) has been indicted by a federal grand jury in San Francisco on charges of using the Internet to send and receive child pornography in 2004 as part of "research" for a book he never finished writing.

His attorney claimed, "It's really tragic that the government has decided to prosecute him for a judgment he made as a journalist and to treat him as a child pornographer when he is not."

However, it is a fact that this ex-Catholic priest who also hosts a show called "God Talk"used his computer to look at child pornography images and share child pornography images with other adults "when doing research for a book on hypocrisy". Thus by definition he is a child pornographer and hypocrit (a combination of liar, moron and hypocrite).

His lawyer claims it was an "error in judgement". Sorry, but if this pervert was being indicted for an "error in judgement" why weren't SWAT teams kicking down his door every time he went on the air? The sad thing is he will most likely be tried in San Francisco, so I doubt he will be convicted in the pervert capital of the world. Hell, he may even be elected Mayor. And Democrats call Rush a "big fat idiot"?

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