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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Releash the Damn Photos

President Obama doesn't want to inflame Muslim opinion by releasing the photographs of Osama Bin Laden with his brainpan ventilated. Now, I realize that the Navy SEALs likely snuffed out the founder of al Qaeda with an MP5K sub-machinegun, and a NATO 5.56mm round fired from one of those bad boys at close range would likely have peeled back Osama's skullcap like a banana and made a nice Jackson Pollack-esque brain splatter on the wall.

But, showing the corpse of Osama bin Laden might inflame the sensitivities of people who follow a religion of peace that bin Laden allegedly hijacked. And we all know what happens when followers of a hijacked religion of peace get inflamed, right?

And so, all we have are faked photos of a dead Osama bin Laden, like the one that looks more like Rodney King after a routine traffic stop in LA than a guy that got pasted by a headshot.

Release the damn photo, Obama!

Now it's time to put the controversy in context.

Do you remember the peaceful Muslims in the idyllic town of Fallujah, Iraq, known as the "city of mosques" for its over 200 Islamic houses of worship. In photographs released to all major news outlets the Muslims are merrily stringing up the charred and dismembered corpses of American contractors (Scott Helvenston, Jerry Zovko, Wesley Batalona, and Michael Teague) on the bridge over the Euphrates River after attacking them, beating them, and setting them on fire.

Careful. I realize there is an impulse to get angry about Muslims killing Americans and desecrating their bodies and putting them on display for the world, but keep your cool. Remember, President Obama prosecuted the Navy SEAL that punched the terrorist responsible for this attack on American contractors.

Remember when we saw photos and video of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, of the Muslim Terrorist recording of his execution by beheading at the hands of his al Qaeda abductors. The taped beheading of Daniel Pearl was made into an al-Qaeda recruitment video, which was subsequently released on the internet as well as aired internationally by Al Jazeera TV and CBS News.

Don't get mad. The man who likely beheaded Daniel Pearl, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, is in US custody at Guantanamo. KSM, as war on terrorism chroniclers know, is the Baluchistani terrorist on Saddam Hussein's payroll that planned the 9/11 attacks. KSM was arrested in Pakistan after Iraqi intelligence officials defected and surrendered right before we invaded Iraq back in 2003. They knew right where he was, and we went and got him. To me, that justifies the war in Iraq that candidate Obama said was the "wrong war." Saddam Hussein's intelligence services were deep in bed with a terrorist organization that had just killed 3000 Americans. [Don't argue with me, read the Clinton administration 1998 federal indictment of Osama bin Laden]

KSM pled guilty in a military tribunal, and would be executed by now except the wisdom of President Barack "I will stand with the Muslims" Obama believes the Justice Department can get a better verdict in the civilian courts than a guilty plea in a death penalty case in front of a military tribunal.

Don't get mad about Obama not releasing a photo of the dead Osama yet. Remember, according to our wise President Obama, the Daniel Pearl execution video "captured the imagination of the world." I guess like Star Wars, only without the John Williams symphony soundtrack.

Speaking of captured imaginations, remember the internet video of a TSA employee molesting a non-Muslim child to make sure he's not a suicide bomber before he boards a plane. Without getting into the specifics about the leftist incapacity for rational thought, let's just say this venture into absurdity may one day payoff for Obama's "counter-terrorism" efforts when a TSA molester accidentally triggers the detonator on an actual suicide bomber and kills everyone waiting in line to get to their plane. And who wants to bet that that chance suicide bomber blowing himself up in middle of the airport screening line to kill dozens of people will be a person not singled out for scrutiny while the kids ahead of him in line are molested for the sake of not making him feel needlessly inconvenienced as a Muslim?

Don't get mad. Remember, your kids will get molested at the airport and you will get a mild dose of radiation by the backscatter Nudie-Vision x-ray photography machines manned by the Department of Homeland Security for the same reason President Obama won't release Osama bin Laden's death photo: molesting your kids and collecting nude photos of you into a federal database are merely two ways we avoid disturbing the all-important Muslim sensitivities.

Not offending Muslim sensitivities is imperative. Do you remember the front page photos of wounded soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas being treated by medics after the third Islamic terrorist attack on US soil since President Bush left office claimed the lives of 12 people. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim military psychiatrist went ding-dong and shot up other soldiers preparing to deploy to Afghanistan to fight al Qaeda and the Taliban. Now, we all know psychology and psychiatric degrees are very important to those seeking management positions at Taco Bell, but I'd like to think the field doesn't draw people apt to go ultraviolent jihadi thrill kill on the advice of a Muslim cleric met on the internet. But, hey, I'm trying to be sensitive to Muslims here, and so were the FBI, who were monitoring the good Muslim US Army shrink's communications with a radical Islamist cleric known for condoning terrorist attacks as "holy." That's why the FBI never told the Army that they had a radicalized terrorist sympathizer near weapons and tanks and ammunition and a short drive through the nearest elementary school full of kids. That's why the FBI never made a move on Hasan before he went on a shooting rampage. Don't offend the Muslim sensitivities.

I mean a cartoon caused Danish and Norwegian embassies in Syria to spontaneously combust as peaceful Muslims stood around them carrying Molotov cocktails. The cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, lives under threats to his life for drawing a cartoon of Mohammed, just as Salman Rushdie does for writing a novel referencing Muhammad's historical making up verses in the Koran to benefit himself allegedly because the Devil made him do it.

Perhaps releasing Osama Bin Laden's death picture will do more harm than good. It's entirely possible that for the first time in the history of human civilization, Muslims might … gasp …attack America. We best not offend these good people with a picture of a dead terrorist.

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