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Monday, March 21, 2011

My 2012 Dream Ticket

In 2012 when Obama / Biden / and Billary get the axe I would love to see the following cast take over

Mississippi Gov Barbour as Pres
Texas Gov Perry as VP
LA Gov Jindal as Sec of Tresury
WI Gov Walker as Sec of Labor
Condi Rice as Sec of State
Sen McCain(R-AZ) as Sec of Defense
Former AK Gov Palin as Sec of Interior
AZ Sherif Joe Arpaio as Sec of Homeland Security
Ben Stein as Sec of Education
SFC (retired) Wallace Tyson as Sec of Veteran Affairs
Exelon CEO John Rowe as Sec of Energy
Matty Moroun as Sec of Trasportation
Doug Oberhelman as Sec of Housing and Urban Development
Donald Trump as Sec of Commerce
Irene Rosenfeld as Sec of Ag
J. Cristian Adams as Attorney General

They'd do nicely ... most would have to take pay cuts ... but they'd kick butt and take names

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