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Friday, September 19, 2008

Biden isn't patriotic

Wow...I guess Biden isn't patriotic...

Well that is exactly what Joe Biden said: "lets be patriotic and give money to those less fortunate." How dare him! Isn't charity the same thing; giving to the less fortunate. Very patriotic giving to those with less. Well here are the figures of charitable contributions from the Bidens's as reported on his last 10 tax returns about his charitable givings. Are you serious!! What a lame ass excuse for human being.


Gross Income Charity
1998 $215,432 $195
1999 $210,797 $120
2000 $219,953 $360
2001 $220,712 $360
2002 $227,811 $260
2003 $231,375 $260
2004 $234,271 $380
2005 $321,379 $380
2006 $248,459 $380
2007 $319,853 $995
$2,450,042 $3,690

1 comment:

nanc said...

what a freakin' mess he is - poor families in the south give more than that in a entawr year! and not to brag, but it looks like two income tax years for us only with waaaaaaaaay less income.

he'll smoke a turd in hell for that one mister!

Well, that just about sums it up!