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Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama would rather work on his Abs than visit with Wounded Troops

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA decided to Workout at the Ritz Instead of Meeting U.S. Troops. The Dims say "Bad Move, Barry." but I say he once again showed his true colors.

Scheduling Snafus happen, we all are aware that Obama had to cancel some dates due to his plane having mechanical problems. But this was not the case. Based on multiple sources, my least favorite "Citizen of the world" Obama went to the Ritz Gym instead of visiting the major medical center in which our troops come out of the battlefield and receive care prior to being returned to the United States.

So visiting national leaders, going to the wailing wall, giving pandering speeches to the euros where he claims to love America, then goes to the Gym at the Ritz to wind down from all of his world wide recognition and campaigning. The final thing he accomplished is that a Public Relations Officer at both hospitals had to tell the wounded and recovering troops he would be not be visiting them.

So, why did he canceal? Because he could take camera crews with him for his campaign. He he cared about the troops he would have ditched the campaign staff and went to see the wounded.

I wish one of our wonded troops he photo ops with in the future would spit in his eye and say "Hey, Obama your a fucking douche bag. The press treats you like your the second coming of Jimi Hendrix. But your a low life liberal intent on wrecking this country. You're an overated dancing monkey."

Some think Obama is the next JFK. I am hoping for the Next RFK. Either way, someone out there should start thinking about getting in some target practicing.

Although, I would rather this thing be settled via the ballot box ... I won't object to the cartrige box. (Note to Secrect Service, FBI and mouth breathing democrats: I am not treatening Obama's life or calling for some one to put a high powered rifle round thru his useless skull but rather simpling starting that I wouldn't lose any sleep over his death nor would I lift a finger to stop it."

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