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Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama Nation or Abomination?

Obamelation: the feeling of intense euphoria that Commie-minded voters experience when discussing anything that includes the words "Barack Obama" in any sentence (except, of course, when the sentence includes any actual facts that are detrimental to turning the United States into an ObamaNation).

Obamatron: a person that blindly believes everything that Barack Obama says, and acts accordingly. The root word is "automaton." Spelled a-u-t-o-m-a-t-o-n. An Obamatron will vote for Barack Obama, even if the candidate is not on the ballot because he becomes disqualified due to a lack of United States citizenship!

Obamessiah: This one has been around for awhile, but bears repeating. Many of the candidates followers seem to think — quite literally — that Barack Obama can, and will, solve all the world's problems.

Obobviously: The word that an Obamatron will use, with intense Obamelation, when explaining to a non-believer that the candidate "Obobviously" really is the Obamessiah.

O-bomb: (verb) the act of inserting the name Barack Obama into any conversation, for any reason, in a whiny-liberal attempt to gain support for the candidate. An O-bomb can also be used to disrupt a conversation, whenever conservatives (see: racist hate-mongers) are using facts in an attempt to malign the candidate. (e.g.: "They were talking about how they would never vote for him, so I just O-bombed them about 50 times at the top of my lungs. I won; they all walked away.")

O-bomb: (noun) the magical name of the candidate, as used when dropping an O-bomb. (NOTE: Just as lead plates can shield from the radiation of an H-bomb, using the middle name "Hussein" shields conservatives from the radiation of an O-bomb.)

Obamageddon: the place where we could be headed if Obama gets elected. (This word was originally in a DelGiorno "radio cartoon," but with a different definition. Or... was it?)

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