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Monday, October 19, 2009

And now ... a word from the peanut gallery!

I just spent most of today wishing I was raised to think about me, myself and I first and foremost.

Because then I could pray Obama gets Con and Tax ... (AKA Cap and Trade) passed.

And because I own a ton of stock in the power company I work for, then I would get very rich very quick ... so sad that it will be at the expense of bankrupting the rest of the country and who cares that it won't do a dang thing to stop global warming. As long as it makes me and Al Gore rich.

I mean my nuke plant can make power at about 4 cents a KW/Hour and sale it at 32 cents a kw/hour PLUS sell our carbon credits to coal plants at a tidy profit to further drive up their expenses ... which in turn drives up the price of power .... which pushes up my nuke plants profits even more!!!! .... which makes my stock worth more ... and once the poor peons can't afford the power to heat their homes ...well Obama-Care would be there to treat them for frost-bite as long as the quota for cold weather related injuries hasn't been met.

If only my parents had raise me to be a dim-ol-crap!

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