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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why it doesn't pay to offend REDNECKS!

Kmart filed bankruptcy, Rosie went off the air and Rep John Murtha is going to lose his re-election bid ... all because they offened REDNECKS.

Rep. John Murtha, who recently called constituents in his western Pennsylvania town "racist" because Barack Obama may not win big there, is 4 points ahead of his Republican challenger, retired Army Lt. Col. William Russell, within the Susquehanna Poll's 4.9-point margin of error.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ordered the poll of 400 likely voters on Tuesday as discussion centered on Murtha's comments. The 18-term Democratic congressman apologized for his initial statement by saying he meant only that skin color will be a factor in the race between Obama and John McCain. Murtha later said many Western Pennsylvanians were "rednecks" until recent years.

Russell, who served in Iraq, is the first challenger to give Murtha a run for his money in years. His campaign told the newspaper it was buoyed by another statistic in the poll -- the 54 percent of voters who said it's time someone else represented them in Congress. Thirty-five percent say Murtha, a Vietnam veteran, should be re-elected.

The poll comes as internal polling leaked from the Obama camp showed the Democratic candidate only 2 points ahead of McCain in the Keystone State, suggesting the race is much closer than the Quinnipiac poll out Thursday that shows Obama with a 13-point lead in the state.

Pennsylvania voted for Democrat John Kerry in the 2004 election, but is seen as one of the few blue states that could swing red this year. McCain has spent considerable time in the state.

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, a McCain supporter, said a lot of eyes are on Pennsylvania because of comments like Murtha's, as well as Obama's remarks about spreading the wealth and redistributing income as a means to prosperity.

"That really riles people up and they are citing that everywhere and they are upset about it," Brownback said of Murtha's remarks. "The politicians say, 'This is what I think about you folks here,' and they don't like it and they are fired up about it, and they're getting involved."


cavemanc said...

interesting how you don't post your name. you must be acutely aware that your blog is basically hate mongering; which, isn't surprising given the nature of american polotics(which amounts to mud slinging and kissing ass to the lowest common denominator). my martial arts instructor once drew a line and asked me to make it shorter. i erased part of the line. he drew a longer one beside it. win by your own merits, not by trying to tear your opponents down.

Patrician Patriot said...

Interesting, how you don't use grammar or spell check but use profanity in calling my published blog hate-mongering and in so doing, basically, disprove your own point in your post. Pretty sure, I haven't kissed any rear ends anywhere in my posts or slung any mud that is anyway could be construed as a lie. Which just goes to show that anyone like you, who couldn't find the time to capitalize proper nouns or the beginning of sentences in their post would have gone as far as to read (much less research on something) before judging it. But kudos to you for not using all caps, cussing (more than once) and threatening to kill me in your post.

Hooked on Phonics it’ll work for you too!

cavemanc said...

ok, let me put in this in small words you understand: serving your country through politics should be about emphasizing your strengths, not attacking your opponent in ways that are distasteful and low. try to make a blog about why the people you support should be voted for instead of one that just talks shit about "the other guy". people like you don't generally have the balls for that kind honesty, so if you can do it, i'll be impressed. hey, didn't your guy lose?

Patrician Patriot said...


Why don’t try reading something for a change before you make a snap judgment

BTW my guy didn't lose; my country did.

I have been in the armed services for almost 20 years so don't talk to me about having balls.

Start publishing your own blog or at least reading mine before you try to give pointers on what I should say in mine.

Small words ... lol ... try using trying using some grammar there, Charlie Gordon. Or try wining by your own merits, not by trying to tear your opponents down.

Beamish said...


"Cavemanc" can't address your ideas without knowing your name.

Leftists are small-minded like that.

Well, that just about sums it up!